• India Spring Mood Enhancing Oil

India Spring Mood Enhancing Oil

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The combination of Sandalwood and Jasmine embodies the rejuvenating spirit of an eternal Indian spring. Its narrative seamlessly blends the deep wisdom of Clary Sage with the youthful allure of Rose—creating a fragrance that is both ageless and vibrant. India Spring invites you to step beyond the ordinary and into a world forever in the bloom of eternal spring.

Beyond its captivating scent, India Spring is more than just a fragrance. Let the aromatic nuances of Jasmine petals and Clary Sage restore emotional equilibrium, as Sandalwood's ancient, grounding richness centres and revitalises your thoughts.

Discover the simple yet transformative power of our Mood Enhancing Oils. For instant aroma, add oil to a burner and ignite a tea light below. For a lingering fragrance, a drop on our lava rock diffuser releases scent throughout the day.  Also, elevate your daily beauty rituals by mixing these versatile oils into your favourite lotions or skincare products. This seamless integration not only enhances your overall well-being but also lets you carry the mood-enhancing benefits throughout the day. Create a holistic, multi-sensory experience by weaving our oils into your daily self-care routine.