• 9PM Mood Oil
  • 9PM Mood Oil

9PM Mood Oil


Great products are about balance and tuning in to your mood. Our uniquely blended mood oils are designed to harmonise with your daily routine and help bring you to balance when you need it.

Our 9PM mood oil was created to put the day to rest and prepare you for the evening. Whilst washing away the emotional stresses of the day, it actively rebalances your mood levels. Leaving you relaxed and cleansed, resetting your mind and body for the evening ahead.


Black Pepper - helps stimulate brain function and activates the cognitive function

Grapefruit - is perfect to balance your mood

Hemp Accord - helps balance emotions to promote positive moods

Palo Santo - calms the nervous system and brings a sense of calm

Vetiver - helps balance emotions to promote positive moods

Tobacco - relieves extreme stresses and is perfect to clear the day away

Sandalwood - promotes mental clarity. Relieving emotional and physiological clouding


Our oils are made with plant-based ingredients. And are both vegan and cruelty-free.

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