• Champaca Lands Aroma Reeds

Champaca Lands Aroma Reeds

Champaca Lands is a fragrant journey to inner euphoria. A harmonious burst of intoxicating champaca and fleeting sakura is intensified by the daring spice of black pepper. Clary sage grounds the experience, contributing herbal undertones that anchor and balance. Make euphoria more than a state, make it a scented ritual.

As the resinous combination of warming and sacred champaca evolves and earthy pepper, subtle hints of amber and warm vanilla emerge, crafting an odyssey of the senses that lingers beyond the initial euphoria.

Transform your surroundings with our stylish Aroma Reeds. Its chic design featuring a modern vessel and high-quality reeds effortlessly complements any interior, making it as much a decor item as a sensory experience. Offering a persistent yet gentle aroma diffusion, this diffuser sets the tone for a welcoming and serene environment. It's the hassle-free, safe way to maintain a fresh atmosphere in your home or workplace.

Place reed sticks into the diffuser bottle and let them absorb the oil for a few minutes. Flip the reeds to saturate the other end, allowing the oil to disperse into the air. Position your diffuser in a high-traffic area for optimal scent distribution. Refresh reeds by flipping them every 1-2 weeks or when the fragrance weakens.

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