Our Founder

Our Projects was born from a love of experimentation, community traditions, and craft. 

Our approach to work has always been centred on exploration of the senses and playful experimentation. We are passionate believers that creativity is not something you can formulate. It’s about sense and feeling. 

When we began working with clay and scent, it taught us to give space and freedom to your creativity, the results can be transformative. These practices have since become our form of daily meditation and are now deep-rooted in our daily lives.

Edit-Down Beauty

We established Our Projects with a simple mission, which was to create a brand that had a minimal impact on the world. We are proud to be a carbon positive, toxin-free, cruelty-free and vegan brand. Our plant-based skincare collection is designed to connect us back to the world and help simplify our daily beauty routines.

Charities We Support

We believe in giving back to things and people that inspire us on a daily basis, which is why 20% of our profits go to charities that support children's growth, the environment, and animal welfare.  

Young people are the central strength of any community and the next generation of sustainability pioneers, so we donate to charities that nurture and educate our future generation.

We also partner with sanctuaries to provide food, medicine and humane population control for stray and abandoned animals, helping ease the suffering of animals across Asia and the UK.

Most importantly, we support various organisations that help manage the destruction that plastic waste has caused. In particular, we admire and support the work carried out in our home town by Sungai Watch, who do amazing work clearing Bali’s rivers and mangroves from the daily overload of plastic.