• Citrus Kyoto Eau De Parfum

Citrus Kyoto Eau De Parfum

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Citrus Kyoto unfolds as an expert fusion of citrus zest and nuanced warmth. It opens with the spirited pop of grapefruit, tempered by the elegance of bergamot. As the aroma deepens, spicy hints of pink pepper emerge, artfully balanced by the meditative calm of green tea. Anchoring the scent, the earthen allure of white oud and guaiac wood lend a grounding finish. Each note adds a layer of sophistication, making Citrus Kyoto a multifaceted olfactory journey that oscillates between vibrancy and tranquillity.

TOP • Grapefruit, Bergamot

HEART • Pink Pepper, Green Tea

BASE • White Oud, Guaiac wood

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