• Pheromone 001 Eau De Parfum

Pheromone 001 Eau De Parfum

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Pheromone 001 is an alchemy of sensory sophistication designed to captivate and intrigue. The fragrance opens with the radiant freshness of Hedion, an ethereal note with jasmine-like nuances that beckon you into a world of olfactory refinement. As you delve deeper, the soft, woody undertones of ISO E Super unfold, evoking the aromatic complexity of a rare, aged cedarwood. Finally, the scent settles into the plush, silken embrace of Cashmeran, a base note with rich, ambery undertones that linger tantalisingly on the skin. Crafted for layering, its pheromone-like profile elevates your natural scent, lending an irresistibly magnetic appeal—less a fragrance and more an extension of your innate allure.

TOP • Jasmine Water 

HEART • Velvet Wood

BASE • Cashmere, Silk Amber

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