Our Projects is an experimental fragrance house founded in London by Kate Wildblood. Born of a creative seed and nurtured by the ambition to connect and expand the senses through olfactory experiences. 

Imagined by a new generation of perfumers, Our Projects first flagship store was opened in Bali in August 2022. The space was designed with sensory experiences at its heart. Melding the world of scent, sight and sound into limited edition collection and exhibitions. 

Our Projects also creates and develops a range of products such as fragrance, skincare, natural oils, home fragrance and scent-based ceramics, and is sold across the globe in multiple continents.

Founded on concpet that fragrance and skincare is not constrained by gender, we are guided by inclusivity and the belief that scent connects us all through deep routed emotions and memories.

We believe that through creative innovation, we can create experiences and products that push our sensory boundaries and connect us all.


Our Projects hosts olfactory-led masterclasses that bring people together from all over the world to experience, share and expand their knowledge of scent creation.

Our perfume masterclasses encourage you to express yourself creatively, expand your blending technique and unlock hidden knowledge, so that by the end of each workshop, you will have learned as much about the art of fragrance creation as you have about yourself.