• Perfume Masterclass
  • Perfume Masterclass

Perfume Masterclass

Step into the fascinating world of fragrance with our Perfume Masterclass, an experience curated to awaken and expand your senses.

Take a deep breath and let the scents envelop you. What do you sense? Which forgotten memories come to life, and what vivid images emerge in your mind?

Begin a sensory journey as you explore an array of scents, ranging from the zest of citrus to the luxury of musk and the allure of florals.

Our Masterclasses provide a solid foundation in the art of fragrance crafting while giving you the freedom to follow your creative instincts. Under the guidance of our expert perfumers, you'll mix, experiment, and layer scents. You'll get acquainted with a broad spectrum of scent categories, learn the secrets of crafting a balanced and enduring fragrance, and gain exclusive access to our collection of 36 curated ingredients.

Our skilled perfumers will reveal the special characteristics of each scent, offering valuable insights for effective blending.

By the time you complete this enriching experience, you'll have created a fragrance that truly reflects your essence, capturing a part of you in each and every spritz.

The masterclass in all-inclusive, including your 50ml perfume you create.



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(If a date does not show in our calendar it means there are not enough places to fit your party in that Workshop. Please kindly select a date that does show availability and will look forward to seeing you at the table xxx)


Anyone attending a workshop will receive a 15% discount to use in-store.
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