• Bergamot Sun Mood Enhancing Oil

Bergamot Sun Mood Enhancing Oil

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Bergamot Sun is a fragrance where the untamable spirit of nature is uniquely wrapped in complex allure. Opening with Italian bergamot—a bright, citrusy fanfare that invites the senses to awaken. Neroli follows, adding an ethereal floral touch, sneakily intoxicating in its softness. The rustic grounding of Haitian vetiver transforms Bergamot Sun into a symphony of scents. This earthy, woody note brings the fragrance full circle, making it complex yet irresistibly balanced.

Beyond its olfactive artistry, let the uplifting aura of Bergamot and Neroli be your trusted allies in dissolving tension and elevating mood.

Discover the simple yet transformative power of our Mood Enhancing Oils. For instant aroma, add oil to a burner and ignite a tea light below. For a lingering fragrance, a drop on our lava rock diffuser releases scent throughout the day.  Also, elevate your daily beauty rituals by mixing these versatile oils into your favourite lotions or skincare products. This seamless integration not only enhances your overall well-being but also lets you carry the mood-enhancing benefits throughout the day. Create a holistic, multi-sensory experience by weaving our oils into your daily self-care routine.