• Fruit Dusk
  • Fruit Dusk
  • Fruit Dusk

Eau De Parfum

Fruit Dusk

Fruit Dusk revels in the entanglement of sensuality and complexity. At its core, a lavish blend of rose petals and red fruits beckons, tempting the senses in a lingering embrace. Wafts of amber and tobacco deepen the aroma, like the slow, lingering haze of dusk. This is a scent that's confident and assured. Cashmeran whispers its indelible, tactile memory, sealing the olfactive journey in luxurious warmth. Complex and multifaceted, Fruit Dusk captures the inexpressible moments where light embraces dark.

TOP • Rose Petals

HEART • Red Fruits, Amber

BASE • Tobacco, Musk, Cashmere

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