• Masterclass Perfume Workshop
  • Masterclass Perfume Workshop

Masterclass Perfume Workshop

Immerse yourself in our perfume workshop and master the art of fragrance creation.

Breathe in, pause, settle; what is the note you picked up on? Which forgotten memories come flooding back? Which colours spring to mind? Which emotions are evoked? 

This experience is a journey of the senses, and as you discover, smell and blend notes of bright citruses, rich musks, and fragrant florals, you’ll explore long-lost memories and create new ones.

Each session teaches the foundations of scent creation while allowing you to follow your creative intuition. You will have the opportunity to experiment, play, and layer fragrances until you arrive at the blend that speaks to your soul. During the class, our expert perfumers will carefully guide you through every step of the process. Introducing you to each scent category, teaching you how to blend a balanced long-lasting fragrance. Before steering you through our carefully curated table of ingredients, explaining each scent's unique profile and giving helpful tips about how to blend each one.


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